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My Morning

I’m back again! So happy to be back doing this; hopefully I’ll keep up the motivation to do it properly. I’ve had plenty of changes in my life since I last posted here…not least the fact we now have a man in our lives! At some point I’ll fill in the gaps. Here, though, is …

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‘I still want to keep you as a friend on Facebook’!!

Man, it’s been an age since I wrote on here! I’ve had a few extra distractions recently; with the two most significant being: 1. I’ve started up two businesses (not as impressive as it sounds – I’ll explain at a later date). 2. For a while, I got a bit caught up in the thrill …

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Let’s talk about sex, baby…

Aged 23, with a child galloping towards his third birthday, I am classed as a young mum. Not only due to the maths involved, but I also have the disadvantage of looking younger. I was one month clear of being a ‘teen mum’ when I fell pregnant with Sam, and as the title comes with …

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Because I’m classy

I was going to write a post tonight, but then this happened… This is the best you’re going to get. So much for the productive evening!

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Plaster Philosophy

I am something of a hypochondriac; so any evidence that proves my ‘illness’ is real is proclaimed far and wide. I’ve been keen to let everyone know that my temperature has been running at over 100°F for the past couple of days – feel free to lavish me with sympathy! Try as I might, I …

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13 Lucky Reasons for Unlucky Weather

I’m back again! Remember me?! I wrote this a while ago but the weather has been so changeable that I can’t seem to time it right when to post it. But here it is anyway… I wish it were sunny all the time but have come to realise I should be grateful for a return …

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Growing up

The strangest thing about becoming a parent isn’t in finding out how little sleep you can function on; nor is it the realisation that you are capable of remembering countless story books word-for-word (brilliant for eyes-closed ‘reading’ when the sleep deprivation kicks in)…no; it’s that a whole new and serious world is opened up to …

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Driving Me Potty

Every now and then you have a day when you need a glass of wine. These last ten days have been That Day. Who knew potty training could be so frustrating? And the most frustrating part is having to hide your frustration. The problem with Sam seems to be that he doesn’t care in the …

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Potty Training Cleverness

I am quite proud to report that potty training is in full flow (regrettable turn of phrase). We’ve now reached Day 7 with very few problems…though of course the accidents always occur at inopportune times; the most unfortunate of which happened whilst I was ‘Mystery Shopping’ Morrisons supermarket. Ha! Deal with that one, guys! (Mystery …

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My Shining Armour in the Night

At 2:30 this morning, Sam melted my heart. A pretty impressive achievement; I am usually far from benevolent at that hour and do not take kindly to anything or anyone interrupting sleep time. It’s as if the act of brushing my teeth before bed unleashes the cold-hearted beast within; which is only locked away again …

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