We’re home

The moment I took a first look around this new house it felt like home; so putting the key in the lock for the first time and dumping my bag on the kitchen counter only served to corroborate that sentiment. It was surreal; there was no settling-in time needed at all – our first 10 minutes in the house could’ve been 10 years: this place just feels like Home. The ‘doubters’ have wondered whether I will feel so content once the novelty wears off…but I don’t think the negative connotations of ‘novelty’ apply here: yes it’s all new to us, but it is exactly what my heart has been crying out for, and the benefits for Sam and myself as a family unit are huge.

We have already established a nice routine and I’m relieved to say Sam hasn’t appeared at all phased by the move. I can tell that things are becoming more habitual now…today, for the first time ever; I reached forward and left for the toilet paper instead of behind and right. If getting used to the loo roll placement is not the definition of having ‘settled-in’, I don’t know what is!

We’ve been making the most of the wonderful weather by spending a lot of time digging outside. I know nothing about gardening but I’m already really enjoying it…I hope to grow from being a green gardener to being a green-fingered one (hoho!). In fact I can’t wait to get the garden into better shape and to put our stamp on it – just picking up all the litter and digging up the flower beds has totally transformed it…it’s so exciting to think what it might look like once we’ve got some plants in and extended the grass right down to the bottom. Gardening is maybe something that comes naturally to most people, but I feel like there is so much to learn; knowledge and skills; and this additional challenge in my life fills me with anticipation.

Our neighbours are great; really friendly and welcoming. In our first couple of days we were given eggs from one neighbour and a delicious pudding from another. The way to my heart is clearly through my stomach! Though I must admit my warm feelings towards them slide a bit at night as their dogs are quite vocal after dark (and all through the day when their owners are out). The architect who designed this row of terraces chose what he must have considered a revolutionary concept for the walls: tissue paper (or near enough). I was expecting to hear the murmur of conversation…but it was quite a shock to be able to distinguish every word. I suppose it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that I can hear their toilet flushing…but it was a shock to find that I can hear it when they lift the seat! I’m sure they’re immensely irritated by our noises, but to be honest, (bar the barking dogs) I like hearing all their doors creak and the light switches being turned on – I feel like I’m in a full house…perfect for someone who is scared of the dark and hates being alone!

I have internet now so hopefully I’ll be posting more…though Happy Vicki has caused a Creative Vicki, and I’ve really got back into drawing. Reading of my joy about the house can’t be terribly interesting so I’ll try to keep the gushing to a minimum in my next post – unless of course I talk about the gushing water under my leaky sink or the leak in the roof soaking through Sam’s ceiling. Hmm…I bloomin’ love our new home but I suppose there are valid reasons for why the rent is so low!



  1. Anonymous

    So glad you’re setling in so well and quickly! Just means that its ‘the’ house for you and Sam! Good luck hun! xxx

  2. So glad you’re settling in so well and quickly! Just goes to show its ‘the’ house for you and Sam! Good luck hun! xxx

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