The key to happiness: Keys

Woohooo! Sam and I are homeowners!

Admittedly we are only renting, but it does feel like it’s our home. We are houserenting homeowners!

Got the keys today which was immensely exciting, and not as boring for Sam as I’d expected – instead of him having to hang around getting bored, whilst I signed things and queried conditions of the lease; he played in the vestibule with a lovely electrician and a scarily tall ladder (I didn’t dare ask how far up he’d been…and by the smile on Sam’s face I don’t think I want to know!).

The house is fantastic…maybe not so fantastic once it’s got furniture in though; I feel it could turn out to be rather more ‘compact’ than it appears whilst empty. There are a few bits and pieces that’ll take some getting used to (the soundtrack of the neighbours’ conversations for one!) and I am slightly narked to find that I have been swindled by the letting agent; the garden is actually shared with the residents from the two other flats…a far cry from ‘oh the garden is yours; they’re just allowed to keep their bins out there’.

But nevertheless, it is a hugely exciting step and I am really optimistic about the future. I feel like I’m living a dream; great little boy, great friends, great house…it can’t get much better than this. I’m impatient to start getting pictures up (‘written permission for every picture hook’ be damned!) and generally give in to my dormant (but very active in my imagination) nesting instinct.

Sam has been hyper all day – a lot of jumping around pretending to be a monkey…which doesn’t bode well for next week’s trip to the toddler group! He wasn’t at all pleased when I said we couldn’t sleep in the new house tonight. I’ve hired a van for tomorrow so we should be in tomorrow night. We’ll be waking up on Mothers’ Day to our first morning in our first real home! So, so happy. I tried to describe it to a friend today, but my attempt earned me a very odd look: ‘I alternate between feeling like I am physically exploding with excitement…and melting with happiness’.

Apparently going round with a huge grin on your face does wonders for your sex appeal too – I was asked out again the other day by a random guy we always seem to bump into in town. He’s not really my cup of tea so I said no to the date, but he always seems nice to chat to so I might take him up on the invite to his birthday party.

Look at me with all the boys, ey!

I shouldn’t really be writing this now as there’s still a considerable amount of packing to be done…but I just wanted to share my happiness and also to say that I won’t have internet for a bit, so any new posts will be the result of Sam and I tootling off to the library.

In the meantime, I will be busy heaving mattresses around, organising the contents of cupboards…and when I get the chance to go shopping, perhaps I’ll be adding these to Sam’s collection of felt tip pens:

(Note the hair colour of the white kid – I told you so!)


  1. Awwww, so so pleased for you! xxx

    • Thank you, it’s brilliant – getting some distance from the parents and regaining complete independence is everything I hoped it would be 🙂 …and by ‘distance’, I still only mean a 25min bus ride!

  2. Good luck with the new place, including the shared garden. I hope Mother’s Day was a happy one.

    • Thank you, it was lovely…I generously treated myself and used Sam as an excuse (I blame those Boots adverts for making me think that’s acceptable)! House is great and as for the shared garden…just noticed someone has put my bin out so it can’t all be bad!

  3. Red

    Congrats!!! I am so happy for you! I cannot wait for you to get settled into your home. And such wonderful timing. Take care and we will be anxiously awaiting your next trip through here!

    • Yaaay! Thanks, it really is amazing. Long overdue really but I’m happy with the house I found so it looks like it’s a good job I waited! x

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