The magic lamp

In my last post I essentially voiced four wishes:

#1: A house

#2: A school

#3: A man

#4: A job/lottery win

On Monday, I went to a viewing for a house. LOVED it. It immediately felt like home. We’ve been round quite a few now and for all the others I have tried to talk myself around the drawbacks; trying to like it when it is so clearly unsuitable. But with this one, I am really wracking my brains to come up with negatives. Yes, it’s small; the bath is sitting room only (and only really for those who are vertically challenged), and the two downstairs rooms will certainly not feel spacious once furniture has been added…but in general the interior is above criticism. It even has double glazing throughout and a new boiler which should keep us nice and toasty.

The outside space is fantastic for Sam – quite sizable considering our budget, and complete with secret passageway through to the neighbour’s somewhat more impressive garden. We even became temporary owners of a sweet little dog for the half hour we were there…might have to do something about that hole in the hedge, actually!

The price is…confusing. I really don’t get why it is so low. I looked round a house that was £50pcm more expensive, and found myself shrivelling up my nose at the state of it. In fact, this is the cheapest 2 bed house that I have found – and I have been whiling away my spare time on property websites for a good few months now.

I very much hope I have not missed any major problems with the house…because…I have paid the initial fees and am likely to sign the final lease tomorrow – hooray! Hugely exciting.

‘Wish #2’ was a good school within walking distance of a nice, reasonably priced house. Cherchinnnnngg! Done. Google Maps say it’ll take 15mins…which realistically means at least 30mins with a small child…but still! Brilliant! So happy; the school became my major deciding factor in everything; and I would have compromised a lot, house-wise, in order to get Sam into what seems like a really lovely school. But it looks like I have ticked both boxes, whilst also being ridiculously close to the centre of town and an easy bus ride to my parents’ house.

The wish I have listed as #3 should, if I’m honest, be below ‘lottery win’, but if a pleasant chappy comes along I don’t mind pretending I wanted him more than my multiple millions.

My Bloggy Magic Lamp did its best on this one too: one of the blokes in the letting agency stole my number off the official files and sent a text to ask me out for a drink. Have to say, it’s a big confidence boost when you receive a message saying ‘I’ll probably lose my job over this, but…’

It was quite awkward when I had to go back in the next day and say I was dumping their agency in favour of one with lower fees…but that seems to have just fired his resolve. We’ve been texting a bit, but I don’t want to lead him on; I think it’d be fun to go out for a drink with someone for the first time in…wow, a year…but I don’t see myself growing to like him any more than just registering him to be a friendly sorta fella. To be fair, not even Jake M. Johnson (my ‘New Girl’ crush) would stand a chance against the excitement of my first real home with the gorgeous Sammy Boy.

But all in all, Genie, you have done well. Thanks.


  1. Congratulations on the house! Fab news! And congrats on the text! Even if he just becomes a new friend, what an ego boost! Miss you on the board! Nicola xx

    • Aw thanks…and love that I get congrats for a text! I miss being on the board but I’ll end up using up too much time again. Have added you on facebook tho if you’ll have me as a friend 😉 x

  2. Expat Mammy

    do you know i was only thinking about you the other day and how sad it was that you hadn’t posted in a long time. I missed you, congrats on the house.xxxx

    • Ahh that’s so sweet! Thank you so much, you’ve put a massive smile on my face!

  3. Red

    How wonderful! Just about the time you get settled into home and school, someone will happen along who has no ulterior motive beyond making you happy, which, incidentally, is a fabulous motive…ulterior or overt.


    PS My blog moved, so if you are interested, please resubscribe. The new WP features meant when I moved the blog, I lost all of my subscribers. And I have had to find all my bloggy friends the hard way. xxx


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