I’m baaaaack!

Thought I’d make a bit of a fresh start of it and change the appearance of this blog – quite a task for someone who is terrible at decision making. Let me know what you think. (Comments about the size of my bum in the picture will not be appreciated!)

So, I’ve kept fairly busy since…(when did I last post?)…January. Wow, really not that long ago at all. Either it seems longer because a lot has happened recently, or time has just been draaaagging. I think a bit of both.

These last few weeks have been all about Hunting: Job hunting, house hunting, school hunting and boyfriend hunting. And yes; that last one makes me look a bit of a psycho; but all I mean by it is I am back on a dating website. Woohoo fun times ahead…so many interesting people to meet…!

None of my hunts have been particularly successful so far. I spend most evenings on job sites; carefully crafting my applications to fit each individual advert…and have had absolutely no luck at all. Zilch. Apparently a university dropout, with no skills and honestly quite laughable experience, is not someone that people want to employ in a hurry. I don’t help myself either by being picky on the hours I’m prepared to work – I cannot imagine going fulltime – I don’t even like the thought of leaving Sam for a few hours every day; he is seriously cool at the moment! Location is tricky too, as I will soon be without a car.

I’d like it noted that I am not receiving benefits of any sort. Every time the topic comes up on the news or in conversation, I cringe and feel horribly guilty and embarrassed; knowing that everyone is judging me and branding me as a sponge on society. I am certainly eligible to receive money…but I am lucky enough to still be afloat without; so it would seem wrong to take advantage of a system that I haven’t paid in to. Hmm…having said that; if I could ensure no one would know/suspect I was receiving benefits, then…hell yeah I’d accept it! Free money?! GIMME!! See, I am a bad person really!

The house hunt causes a proper rollercoaster of emotions. I get SO attached to a property and start moving in in my mind (I’ve spent hours researching cheap garden sheds and lawnmowers!); only to realise that there is always one small but important detail which would make it unsuitable for Sam. And man, everything seems expensive after two years of renting from my parents!

The job, house, and school hunts all tie in together. Which makes it really hard to make any plans. I’ve found a brilliant school that I love…but it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to move into the catchment area. I’ve found the perfect house…but I don’t like the schools near it. And my luxury item each week is a lottery ticket; I’ve all but given up hope on the job front but my optimism for becoming a surprise millionaire never wavers!

As for the boyfriend hunt…well, I should call it a husband hunt really – I am so overwhelmed by the pressure of being the sole decision maker, and my overactive imagination has planned out a lovely little life together with a nice, reliable, faceless man. In fact, it has to be said that I am totally unfit for dating at the moment. It sounds ridiculous but I wouldn’t be able to deal with the half-heartedness of it all. I need a dad for Sam much more than I need a boyfriend for myself, and it is going to take some serious retraining of my brain to accept reality.

So that’s our update. I’ve got a lot of Sam stories that I personally find hilarious…but I don’t want them to be spoilt by telling them while I am so unpractised at writing!


  1. I have missed you!! So glad you’re back and love the fresh new look, and that it is not a big bum! haha. On another note, stop looking and the right one will just turn up it’s a factamundo! Glad Sam is well and look forward to some toddler tales lol x

  2. Right house, school, job or man?? Or lottery ticket?! I’m not really on the man hunt, as always I let my little daydreams see me through the day, but actually when I’ve been on a couple of nights out recently my friends have berated me for being oblivious to people around me. So it seems I’m only scary in my head (and on here) but in actual fact in real life I am perfectly sane!
    Thanks for the welcome back x

  3. Red

    So very glad to see you again! Whilst you were away, I moved, so be sure to follow along 😉 Hannah is right about a man, when you stop looking…he turns up. Glad you and Sam are doing well. I am looking forward to your Sam stories as well.

    Good luck on the hunts…and the lotto!

    • It looks like I will be following your example in the next couple of weeks 🙂 Congrats on your move, I hope you were as excited as I am at the prospect! (Sorry, haven’t read any blogs since abandoning mine.)

      • Red

        If you need any pointers, let me know…I know where most of the holes are. I stepped in quite a few 😉

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