Where does he learn such things?

Was sitting on the toilet this morning, chatting away to Sam. (Question for parents: when will I regain privacy in the bathroom?)

‘We need to do a bit of hoovering this morning Sam, but after that we’re going to…’

Sam cuts in: ‘Squeeze it out Mummy.’

‘go into town and meet…………Hang on…did you just say ‘Squeeze it out’?!’

His grinning reply: ‘Sam like big poo poo!’


  1. LOL! And to answer your question…you’ll have your privacy back when they move out. I have a 10, 8 and 3 year old and always get a knock on the door and/or a head peeking in needing SOMETHING that can’t just wait 2 minutes! 🙂

  2. Expat Mammy

    hahahaha thats so funny, I never get any privacy in the bathroom, especially at number 2 time

  3. Haha that’s brill! Nope your privacy is gone for a long, long time yet! x

  4. Oh dear! Too funny! My little one has literally stood in the pants around my ankles while I’ve been on the toilet, so at least you’re not alone in your lack of privacy… Oh, I guess that’s the problem to begin with. 🙂

  5. I’ve just had a good giggle at this! I suffer the same problem , i have toyed with the idea of a lock on the bathroom door but then what on earth would E do if he couldn’t instantly show me his latest drawing/lego model? As for ‘squeeze it out’, that’s just genius! I overheard a 4 year old child last summer calling their friend a ‘bum feeler’. Words fail me!

  6. Answer: never. For as long as he shall remain your child, the instant you sit on the toilet, he will need your attention. When he moves out, you may be guaranteed that your first grandchild will be born the instant you sit on the toilet. When you are on the toilet and the phone rings, know that it is your child.

    They have some bizarre psychic link about such things.

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