More brain disintegration

It’s been over a week since I’ve written a thing, and the longer I leave it, the harder it is to re-start. At school I’d scoff at teachers telling me ‘the brain is like any part of the body – it gets stronger the more you exercise it’…as I suspected it was merely a not-so-cunning ploy to get me to pull my finger out and do a bit of work for once. I obviously know that the more facts you learn, the more knowledgeable you become…but I never really had the opportunity to test the ‘brain workout’ theory.

At school you work every day, with just the weekend off for your brain to relax (or just the one day for those of us lucky enough to have attended school on Saturdays). Back in the day, you would be eased in gently after the holidays; handing out new books and copying out the syllabus to be covered that term. Even with teachers who were unwilling to give your brain necessary time to warm up, I always thought that my lack of concentration was just a personal rebellion; an illustration of my reluctance to put in any kind of effort after a long relaxing summer. Not a sign that my brain simply couldn’t take the pace.

At uni I struggled to focus my mind at all. First Year was just far too exciting: there were so many friends to be made and too much fun to be had. I had not really experienced a proper nightlife ‘tilNewcastle, so made it my business to acquaint myself with every bar and club the city provided. I went to a lot of Ultimate Frisbee tournaments, totally immersing myself in the social side too. My mind was just always on other things and the degree barely got a look-in. In retrospect, even if I was passionate about my course and worked hard during the day, my alcohol consumption and general burning the candle at both ends probably didn’t do my brain power much good.

Second Year looked promising as I changed to a course I enjoyed …but then I learned of Sam’s imminent arrival and suddenly the formation of the Pluperfect Passive Subjunctive in Latin didn’t seem quite so important. (Though later I would be dwelling extensively on what might have been!)

So what I am trying to say, (but can’t say concisely because my brain has kicked back a little over Christmas), is that previously I haven’t been able to test the brain workout theory, as it was either workworkwork or nothingnothingnothing. But now that I’ve started this blog, I have discovered that there is truth in the idea that exercise makes the brain stronger. And right now I have a serious case of Flabby Brain so will end here.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.


  1. Red

    It takes brain power to recognize flaccidity of the brain 🙂

    • Haha you are always the font of all knowledge on brain malfunctions!

  2. Expat Mammy

    I have flabby brain & flabby tummy this week…….need to write, need to write

    • Can we blame Christmas do you think? Hopefully with the hope and motivation of new year we will be able to tone up both body parts nicely!

  3. Glad you are back! I have the perfect solution for your brain (this is not the random grandma talking; I just like the brain workout I get when I visit his site):

    • Thank you, I’m glad to be back! (Currently not sure if I’m back for good though – see next post.) I took a look at your link but my brain went a bit haywire – think I should ease it in more gently!

  4. claireg

    So true! I struggle to string a sentence together these days as baby brain has completely taken over and has ruled the roost for nearly 2 & 1/2 years now. My most frequent saying being: “erm.. whats the word im looking for…erm…you know..thingy” god help me if I manage to find a job. Ill be the daftest employee ever lol 🙂
    signed**CLAIRES MAGAZINE** haha

    • Please note, everyone: I have a magazine which comments on my blog! 🙂

      You are far less baby-brained than me, despite having far more excuse to go a bit barmy. That phrase does ring a bell though….

  5. i have found with each pregnancy and subsequent birth my brain function has reduced a few percent (like maybe 20% per child) which leaves me feeling less than half as capable of intelligent thought or conversation!
    I do find however that it increases again by 5% per glass of vino!!
    So glad to see you back again – there was a little bigbum hole, I mean gap, in the blogging world without you!

  6. Hahahaha brilliant! I am glad this post served to fill the bigbum hole I had left in the blogging world!

    Oh I wish wine had the same effect on me. In the past a little tipple did help me reach genius levels(!), but now a mere sniff will have me falling over and muttering nonsense to a blank wall.

    Perhaps my New Year’s Resolution should be to get my alcohol resistance back to a respectable level??

  7. Even pro athletes sometimes take a week or so off and come back stronger and more refreshed as a result. Just sayin’. I’m glad you’re back nonetheless.

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