BFF (Blog Friends Forever)

Wowee…I’ve just been given another prize! And the best thing is I don’t even have to receive it on stage; therefore removing the standard anxiety of tripping up the steps. Win-win! Actually, win-win-win: this is my 3rd award after just 15 posts – really can’t believe it. You bloggy people are so supportive and kind – I sometimes go back to read your comments after a rubbish day and they keep a smile on my face ‘til I fall asleep.

Mzlever is one amazing writer. I am so flattered that she has chosen to include me for this award. She always leaves such lovely comments on my posts…yet I go to hers and all I can think to say is ‘when are you bringing out a book?’ I would love to read a novel that she had written; reading her blog is always such a treat. So go to her page and have a read for yourself…but most importantly go to this post and see the lovely thing she said about me! She’ll only have herself to blame when I take it literally and move in next door.

So thank you mzlever for giving me this Liebster award. It is given to blogs that have less than 200 followers but that deserve more recognition…yet I’m finding it hard to stick to the rules of the five people I’m meant to pass it on to. I expect most of these blogs exceed the follower limit…but ah well, everyone enjoys a little compliment every now and again!

I feel certain that McKenzie has well over 200 followers but I find her hilarious and love the way she writes, so just wanted to share her link here: Mommy Said a Swear Word

Moments of Exhilaration I love her blog anyway but what secured this prize was her latest post about Christmas decorations – I am making that bauble garland first thing tomorrow! But let it be known that we can never be true friends, due to this line: ‘I haven’t even decorated for Christmas the last few years.’ What a ridiculous way of living.

Another brilliant blogger with a great way with words: Expat Mammy. Also I just noticed the tagline/summary for her blog is simply: ‘FROM CAMELS TO WINDMILLS’. Made me chuckle.

People used to look at me strangely when I referred to the wonderfully natural process of breastfeeding as ‘topping Sam up with more boob juice’. I need not explain why I like this blog: Boob Juice

And here is a blog title that I do NOT like: The 1970s Diet. But I always enjoy reading her posts; she is funny and honest and I admire her for inventing her own diet. Plus I kind of feel like I’m doing it with her…even though I usually have a chocolate bar in hand as I read her posts.


  1. Congrads to you on your awards. I commend you for re-posting and passing the award along so quickly. I won three in one week and haven’t yet passed mine along yet. I hope people understand when I do get to it. Your blog is awesome. Enjoy the reward.

    • Thank you! The reason I passed it on so quickly is that I hadn’t written a post for a few days but didn’t feel in the mood to be funny – the award saved me! Congrats on all yours!

  2. Aw, thanks! And yes, I know I’ve been slacking these last few years. In my defense, there have been extenuating circumstances: last year Addie was only a few weeks old and I just didn’t have it in me, the year before David had just moved in and a friend was living with us and everything was just sort of up in the air, and three years ago I was in the process of leaving my ex-husband, not exactly a time for holiday cheer. It’s been a crazy few years for me!!

    • Oops! Now I feel so mean! Can certainly imagine last year wasn’t the year for roasting chestnuts on an open fire and whatnot…and the previous years don’t sound very easy either. You are no longer being picked up on my Scroogeometer!

  3. You write beautifully 🙂 There’s something very honest in how you write and I love it.

    • Thank you. What a lovely thing to say! Yes I am very honest…if you read my previous posts you will probably change your mind that it’s a good thing!

  4. Anonymous

    Congrats on the award and I was chuffed to see you like my blog and giving it a shout out to the massives! (the1970sdiet) – I have 2 followers for the record! lol Natashax

    • Haha not exactly ‘massives’ but you’re welcome! Can’t believe you only have two followers, you deserve a lot more.

  5. Expat Mammy

    Ah thank you so much huney, I so glad you like my blog, love reading yours too. Im really flattered.xxxxxx

  6. mommysaidaswearword

    thank you so much for including me! Unfortunately, I only have aboy 60 followers, but I am very flattered that you think I am more well-loved than I am, lol. I love your blog, and always look forward to the witticisms you deliver. Truly, thank you for including me.


  1. Thank you mummy big bum « expatbabyadventures

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