Caption Saturday

Sam learning not to stick his tongue out at strangers…

This blog no longer contains images of my son’s face. Click here to find out why.

Saturday is Caption Day over on Mamasaurus’ blog and this week I’ve decided to join in with this multiple entry. Would love your comments on what you think the caption should be!


  1. Neigh! Well hello little cowboy. You call that a tongue? Now this is a tongue! Come closer so that I can lick you! Hehehehehe!

  2. Yuk, can someone wash my hair NOW?!

  3. Yummy this child tastes good – come back !

  4. “First Love”

  5. it was time for change – that cowlick look was so last week

  6. Who are you calling Horseface???

  7. This is what they call as taster 😛

  8. I thought I told you, we eat babies round here!

  9. Ooh, I love sweet things!

  10. actuallymummy

    1. Mmmmmm Gucci
    2. This one’s mine – na na na na naaaa
    3. Slurp
    3. Yeuchh! Doesn’t taste as good as he smells – someone get a toothbrush!

  11. The shorter ones, the little people, definitely taste better – yum yum!

  12. Hmm I prefer strawberry flavoured children.

  13. You might be big but you can’t catch me!

  14. 1. Hello horsey, why the long face?
    2. And this is why I don’t like working with children…
    3. Right you young whipper snapper just let me get and grip on your collar…
    4. What? Leaving so soon?

  15. wow what great photos!!

    as for a caption ‘nooo come back I’ve nto finished washing your hair yet!’

  16. Look at those teeth – I’m off!

  17. Is that a carrot on your welly? nom nom…

  18. “Kid…hey kid! Come ‘ere a second. You have something on your head. Lemme get that for you.”


    “Anytime, kid.”

  19. Expat Mammy

    who’s got the biggest tongue kid you or me

  20. ‘So what do children taste like?’ [thinks] ‘Tastes like chicken.’

  21. 1. Lookie what I got.
    2. Oh, yeah? Top this!
    3. Mmm. Oat shampoo!
    4. Bring that back here! I wasn’t finished.

    Terrific shots!

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